Erythropoietin Injection


Erythropoietin Injections

Erythropoietin Injection (EPO) is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production. Erythropoietin Injection is used for treating anemia in certain patients with chronic kidney disease.

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Erythropoietin is the chemical substance known as glycoprotein hormone which is released by Kidney in human body.   Erythropoietin plays important role red blood corpuscles. Erythropoietin helps in the definitive Erythropoiesis to take place in the body. It is released when hypoxia triggered in the body to accelerate the production of RBC.
Erythropoietin plays an important role in brain's response to neuronal injury, it also involved in the wound healing processes. Erythropoietin is prepared by DNA recombinant technology. Erythropoietin has been shown to deploy the effect by binding to the (EpoR) Erythropoietin receptor.


Erythropoietin regulates erythropoiesis by stimulating the differentiation and proliferation of erythroid precursors, stimulating the release of reticulocytes into the circulation, and synthesis of cellular haemoglobin. Recombinant human erythropoietin is available as epoetin alfa and epoetin beta which are used in the management of anaemias associated with CRF, cancer chemotherapy and anti-AIDS drug zidovudine..


Epoeitin Alfa:  Eprex , epogen
epoietin beta: MIRCERA, Neorecorman and recorman
Miscellaneous: Wepox , Espogen, zyrop, erypro safe, vinitor

Erythropoietin Injections USES:

majorly used in treatment anemia resulting from chronic kidney disease
chron's disease and ulcer colitis
myelodysplastic syndrome

Erythropoietin Side Effects

Arthralgia, Flu like syndrome, urtcaria.
Hypertensive crisis with encephalopathy like symptoms e.g. confusion, headache, generalized seizures, thrombosis.

Erythropoietin injections Brands

eporise Eporise - Maufactured by Zuvents

relopoietinRelipoietin - Manufactured By Reliance LifeSciences

eprex Eprex - Manufactured by Ethnor Ltd (Johnson & Johnson)

neorecormon Neo Recormon - Manufactured By Roche Pharmaceuticals

erypro Erypro - Manufactured By Biocon

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